How to get paid

  • I will send an invoice

    Make sure to read the contract thoroughly; it should provide all relevant information on payments.

    Send an invoice addressed to LMS including the following information: invoice number, company name, address, band name, concert period, bank details (IBAN number + swift code) payment terms, name of musician(s), and whether it is for a school concert or a Kamæleon Concert.

    Fill in the forms on travel expenses and per diem found on this page called "Form for per diem allowance" and "Form for mileage allowance."

    In attachments to the invoice, please include both forms and additional receits from bridge toll, ferry etc.

    If you are a foreigner, please also state your date of your birth and your address.

  • I will use my own car

    Make sure the contract states the number of cars employed (any expenses related to additional cars will not be covered by LMS.)

    Fill in the travel expense form found below "Form for mileage allowance".

    In order to fill in the form correctly, you need to apply locations “address-to-address”. Therefor it is a good idea to download the form prior to the tour and fill it in as you go along.

  • LMS rents a vehicle for the band

    NOTE: write down the odometer level upon receipt, and again at delivery.

    NOTE: check the vehicle for damages before you leave the car rental. If there are any damages, inform the desk and make sure an employee registers it in their system.

    NOTE: please refuel the vehicle before delivery.

    NOTE: there is an insurance own risk of DKK 1.500.

    NOTE: the band is liable for any speeding and/or parking tickets, damages, extra mileage, and additional expenditure exceeding the actual rental fee.

  • Per diem allowance

    If your LMS tour lasts two weeks or more, the per diem covered by LMS will include weekends.

  • Transport to/from Denmark

    Please note that all transport to and from Denmark is not covered by LMS.

Forms and payment

Forms and payment
Download the most recent financial agreement and updated allowance forms here.

Form for per diem allowance 2018
Form for per diem allowance 2019

Form for mileage allowance 2018

Form for mileage allowance 2019

Financial agreement

The new condition and tariffs from July 2019 is available here:

English - Official terms and rates for fees as of July, 2019