Want to perform for LMS?

To be part of the LMS programme you have to fill in the online form.

First choose:

1. If you and your music group has been with us before and already has a login for lms.dk, you just have to log in first and then select "Ansøgning" (application) in your personal menu.


2. If you don't have a login you have to fill out the form “Opret login til musikgruppe” on lms.dk/for-musikere/ansoegning/

No matter what: Read the below before venturing into the application process.

The form opens September 1st. Deadline is October 15, 12.00.

If you apply after the deadline, your application will not be considered.

All applicants will have an answer latest January 1st.

What to prepare for the application?

In the application form you are asked to upload two mp3’s with your music, and at least one photograph of the music group. You must also enter practical details, a short presentation text aimed at the schools to read and a more elaborate description of the form and content of the concert. All this is necessary for our program committee ("fagudvalg"), and it is easiest for you if you have it all ready before starting filling in the form. Read "Criteria" and "Requirements for applicants" below before starting the application process.


This is how LMS select concert productions:

LMS has an independent program committee ("fagudvalg") which is responsible for selecting the 80-100 music groups that each season tours for us. The committee have 6 members with variuos kinds of music expertise. You can see who they are under the “Kontakt” menu.

The committee reviews every application from a number quality criteria and recommendations from from LMS' local networks. After the quality assessment the final season programme is formed after taking into account factors like geografical coverage, variation in genres, target groups (age groups), economy and specific wishes from the schools.

When assessing the applications we consider things like:

  • the artistic and performative quality
  • that there is a clear idea why the applicant want to perform in schools
  • that the concert production opens new musical horizons for the pupils - music they are not acquainted with already.
  • the music is presented with respect and understanding for the age group and the special circumstances for concerts in schools.
  • that music is the central part of the performance.

Quality considerations

The program committee considers these four parametres regarding quality:

The music. Quality and musical necessity of the compositions. Is it music with something to say? Is it relevant regarding the art experience and the cultural learning in school?

Performance. Absolute excellency in performing skills is essential as LMS is funded by the Danish Arts Foundation.

Communication. Does the music comes across to the audience? Do the musicians have the touch for adressing their target group? Is the performance created with a good sense for coherence, flow and dramaturgical curve?

Relevance. Does the concept of the concert make sense in relation to the target group and the school circumstances?

The final selection of concert productions is made between those meeting the demands mentioned above. Usually there are however many more good productions than what can be selected for the season. This means that a number of other factors play a role, like a variety in genres, different agegroups of the audience. Also economy plays a role limiting the number of concerts with music groups with many musicians. Finally LMS try to meet as many wishes as possible from schools regarding specific groups, genres etc.

There is no fixed upper limit for the number of musicians per group. However for economic reasons, practise shows that groups with 7 or moremembers are almost never selected.

Requirements for applicants

To work for LMS:

  • You must have your own instruments, amplification, PA, lightning or whatever else equipment is necessary for the concerts.
  • You must have car and drivers licence so you and your equipment are mobile. LMS may assist you renting a car if agreed on the time of signing the contract.
  • You must be able and willing to perform anywhere in Denmark. In rare cases there may be exceptions, but only when any special needs are already mentioned in your application.
  • You must commit fully to the tour plan agreed on in connection with signing the contract. No cancellations, shifts of dates etc is permitted unless in case of force majeure and only after approval from LMS.