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How to apply

If your band/ensemble has completed an LMS application on a previous occasion, please reuse your login details. If you cannot find them, please send an email to presse|

When you have logged in, choose ”Ansøgning” in the menu on your right, and from there you click either "Ansøg med eksisterende produktion" (apply with existing production) if you wish to apply with a production with which you have applied on a previous occasion, or "Ansøg med ny produktion" in case you wish to apply with a new concert production.

For further instructions click here.

Is this the first time your band/ensemble applies for an LMS school concert tour?
Please, read the instructions below:

The application is an electronic application in two steps: first you must create a profile for your band/ensemble, then you must fill in the ”ansøgningsskema” (application form) for the production you wish to tour with.

How to create a band/ensemble profile:
Go to
Scroll down the form and fill in the following details:

Master data
Please state the name of the band/ensemble.

Contact person
Please state the name of the contact person of your band/ensemble

Please state the last name of the contact person

Please state the instrument played by or role of the contact person

Please state the address of the contact person

Postal code



Please state the phone no. of the contact person

Mobile no. of the contact person


Please, choose a password for your login at The username (brugernavn) is your mail address.

Press "Opret" (create).

You will now receive a mail with your login details.

When you have created your band/ensemble profile, you will get access to your personal profile from where you must create the application itself.

Click "Ansøg med ny produktion" (apply with new production)
Please write the name of the concert production with which you wish to apply and press "Opret produktion" (create production)

Now you have access to the application form. For instructions click here.